Tantalizing Northern Argentina

12 days / 11 nights

DAY 1   BUENOS AIRES – bienvenidos & welcome
Upon arrival at EZEIZA International airport & after clearing the mandatory Argentina Immigration & Customs procedures you will be met & then by way of a private vehicle, transfer to your confirmed centrally located city hotel.
Accommodation for a total of three (4) nights in a Buenos Aires with buffet breakfast & local tax included. 

DAY 2   BUENOS AIRES – historic city sightseeing excursion
This morning after breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel to embark on a 3 hour regular Buenos Aires historic city sightseeing excursion. Sense, feel & soak up the emotions & ambiance of South America’s most glittering capital city. Take in all the major plazas: Plaza San Martin, Plaza 25 de Mayo, Plaza Congreso & Plaza San Martin; traverse the major boulevards & avenues: Av. Corrientes, Av. Cordoba, Av. 9 de Julio, Av. Callao & Av Libertador; visit the historic districts of San Telmo, La Boca, Montserrat, Once, Recoleta, Puerto Madero & the elegant neighborhoods of Palermo & Belgrano. You’ll see the historic civic buildings, fountains & monuments for which this city is standout: pause in Plaza 25 de Mayo at the Presidential Palace - Casa Rosada, the reverence within Buenos Aires Cathedral, the famous Cabildo & the iconic Obelisco, all the while gaining a knowledge & education through the descriptions & in-depth commentary provided by your local expert bi-lingual English speaking guide. At the conclusion of the morning’s historic sightseeing excursion you will be returned to a set arrival point.

The afternoon is free of any pre-arranged activity, therefore giving you free reign & your own timetable for the remainder of the day.

DAY 3   BUENOS AIRES- day at your pre-determined pace & evening of tango
Breakfast & dinner
This is your chance to strike out on your own & explore Buenos Aires as today is free of any pre-organized activities, until this evening. After breakfast if you want to shop or just browse, then we suggest the many boutiques that are on both sides of Avenida Santa Fe, or down Calle Florida a famous pedestrian shopping street & Galeria Pacifico in the central city. Whatever you decide to do today, please be sure to be back at your hotel, dressed in smart casual attire in time to be picked up shortly before 8.00pm for an evening of traditional charm & romance. Tango is the trademark dance & rhythm of Argentina & there is no better place to be exposed to this sensational pulse than at a dinner & tango show, with professional tango musicians, singers & the best of tango dance couples.

Dinner includes appetizers, various choices of a main course, deserts, accompanied by with fine local red & white vintages of wine, local beers & soft drinks, then tea & coffee, should you wish. This is an evening that will captivate & live on with you as the essence of not only Tango, but Buenos Aires itself. It is likely you will not be returned to your city hotel until approaching midnight, where no doubt sleep will come easily.

This morning after breakfast, check out of your hotel & by way of a private vehicle transfer, you will be driven to the local Aeroparque Jorge Newbery principally domestic airport to there check in for a flight to Iguazu falls. This is a 1hr.45min sector with a light snack & a drinks service aboard.
Upon arrival to Iguazu you will be met & transferred in a private air-conditioned vehicle, to your confirmed hotel.
Accommodation for two (2) nights in Iguazu, with buffet breakfast & local tax included

In the afternoon you will embark on a half day tour to the Brazilian side of the falls with parque Das Aves included

The first stop here is at the Foz do Iguassu National park entrance gates where you both need to pay the Brasil Park entrance fee which has to be collected by Parks Board staff, on the day each visitor enters. 
From here you can walk the pathways leading to the mezzanine level of the river, water levels permitting as sometimes in high water conditions for safety reasons the parks staff close the access.

Panoramic views looking across into the Argentine side of the falls are best seen from here, the Brasil side as from the Argentine perspective, the three massive horse-shoe valleys cannot be all seen from any one particular point.

The Brasil side has only one walking pathway, but if it is open, we recommend you take it out onto the steel catwalks that extend well into the river, almost under one of the main flows of the falls here.

The awesome power of Mother Nature can be felt & sensed, not only from the constant roar of rushing waters, but by the vibrations they send as the 31million plus litres a minute hit the bottom of each chasm.

These amazing & vast National Parks subtropical rain forests are the home of some 1100 species of exotic birds, large & small mammals as in deer, jaguar, puma, otters, ocelots, capybaras & many snakes & other reptile species.

DAY 6   IGUAZU FALLS – national park outdoor activity excursion
After breakfast this morning you will be picked up & by way of regular coach , to there embark on full day regular excursion of the Argentinean side of our planets most majestic waterfalls, accompanied by an English speaking guide.

Iguazu Falls is made up of more than 270 cataracts, spread around three large half-moon shaped valleys. There are two basic circuits, an upper & a lower walking trail The upper path leads to incredible panoramic views of the falls from an extensive steel walkway, also an unforgettable experience, & he lower trail leads down a series of steel stair cases & viewing platforms to the base of the San Martin cataract where the intense water volume releases a misty spray into the air. Then also as an included part of your Iguazu experience, the ´People Mover` narrow gauge train gives guests access along a track of some 3.5km, to the steel walkway that goes out across the mezzanine level of the river to the point where physically Argentina & Brazil’s international border is defined by the thunderous ´Garganta del Diablo` – the Devil’s Throat.

At the conclusion of your day’s activities here at Iguazu Falls, you will be returned to your hotel where the remainder of the evening is free of anything that has been pre-organized.

This morning after breakfast you will check out of your hotel & at a time that will be advised to you well in advance, transfer by way of a private air-conditioned vehicle to Iguazu airport to check in there for a flight across the country to the far NW quadrant, with a destination of the city of Salta. 
Upon your arrival to Salta airport you will be met & by way of a private vehicle, transferred to your confirmed hotel.  Accommodation for three (3) nights in Salta, with buffet breakfast & local taxes included.

In the afternoon you will embark on a sightseeing tour in Salta
After breakfast this morning you will be picked up to embark on a 3 hour comprehensive regular historic Salta city sightseeing excursion hosted by a bi-lingual English speaking local expert guide, including most important historic buildings, churches & monuments. Provided the weather God is smiling & conditions are right, the panoramic views from San Bernardo hill overlooking the city are awesome. This region is well known for its subtropical microclimate. A short visit to the summer villa of San Lorenzo in a tranquil valley located some 6km from downtown is also included.  You will be returned to your hotel at the conclusion of the excursion.  
Please note: there is a unique Museum open daily except Mondays here in Salta which features three mummified Inca children, thought to have been aged 7, 9 & 13 years. This is called the Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña & it located in the main Plaza of the city. They were found in 1999 by a team of experts buried just below the summit of the snow-capped Llullaillaco Volcano, 6,700 meters above sea level. These preserved three Inca children are thought to have been protagonists of the Capacocha, a ceremony during which they were sacrificed to act as mediators between the people & the gods. The altitude, extremes of cold, permafrost & the dry atmosphere has preserved these three child mummies almost perfectly. In cooperation with NASA they are kept in climatically sealed plexi-glass ´cabinas` with one of the child mummies on display for the public at all times the museum is open. We highly recommend visitors to use this free afternoon to visit this amazing ´unique` exhibition.

DAY 8   SALTA – VUELTA POR LAS ALTURAS – an overland expedition to the high altiplano
You will need a very early wake-up, as departing early this morning from the CBD of Salta city, you are in for a marvellous overland day excursion to the high altiplano in an overland vehicle.  Please note: `layer` & wear warm clothes as it will be cold pre-sunrise & after sundown.

The overland 4x4 vehicle climbs the Quebrada to the mezzanine level of the altiplano, passing through three completely different eco-systems ranging from river valley, to tundra, on up to encounter 3m - 4m tall cactus that have taken 400+ years to grow, strewn at random across hillsides you will pass along the way. A stop is made at an altiplano artisan community, then on to the town of San Antonio de Los Cobres at 12000`above sea level where guests can purchase food & beverages if they wish. After leaving San Antonio de Los Cobres the vehicle traverses the famous RUTA 40 which runs from the Bolivia - Argentina border in the north, some 4000km south to the Patagonia city of Rio Gallegos; some 40km along this route, glistening ice white salt flats come into view. Here this salt flat extends some 42km in length & 17km in width. The salt is `harvested` commercially by locals using an ancient hand sewn process to cut blocks. Then cresting a Quebrada at 14300` above sea level, the expedition travels down a tar-sealed alpine highway, shedding 7000` in approx 30 minutes drive, down to the altiplano township of Purmamarca, famous for the ¨Hills of the Seven Colours¨.  There is one of the best artisan markets in all of Argentina here in the main plaza at Purmamarca, so take your time browsing and please do `bargain` with the merchants as you will find them all open to that bartering process given they are all competing for the business of guests purchasing their hand-crafted products. Late this afternoon you will depart Purmamarca & return to Salta & your hotel, arriving well after sunset.

DAY 9   - Full day tour to Cafayate
The journey starts from Salta city to the south, along route 68 through the Lerma Valley and its historical towns. We reach Quebrada de las Conchas (the Shell´s Gorge), where wind and water erosion carved curious shapes on the rocks (The Amphitheater,´Devils throat, The Toad, The Castles, among others). When we arrive in Cafayate, we visit some wineries, famous for their production of Torrontes, with special characteristics due to the particularities of the climate and land.

Accommodation for one (1) night in Cafayate, with buffet breakfast & local taxes included.

After lunch we return to Salta through the Quebrada de las Conchas (the Shells´ Gorge) and Lerma Valley

Accommodation for one (1) night in Salta, with buffet breakfast & local taxes included.

This morning after breakfast, check out of your room & at the appropriate time, by way of a private vehicle you will be transferred to Salta airport for an onward flight. 

DAY 12  BUENOS AIRES  departure 
This morning after breakfast, check out of your room & at the appropriate time, by way of a private vehicle you will be transferred to Buenos Aires airport for an onward flight
This brings to a conclusion the services as provided by Sundance Spirit.

Buenos Aires - 
Dazzler San Martin
Iguazu - Raices Esturion 
Salta - Amerian Salta
Cafayate - Vinas de Cafayate 

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Should you need to be transferred from Buenos Aires domestic airport "Aeroparque Jorge Newbery" to Buenos Aires International airport "Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza", please add: 
USD 60 per person, based in private car with no guide.

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USD 50, per booking

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1. A booking is accepted only after the Company issues the client, their tour wholesaler, or their travel agent a formal invoice, receives the deposit payment & issues a written confirmation of services booked. The balance for land services must be paid in full no later than 30 working days before services commence; the Company cancellation policy applies as laid out in the section below titled Cancellation Fees & No Show policy.

2. Once a booking has been made & confirmed, the Company is your land service operator & as such, we are responsible for supplying your vacation land services arrangements. We buy vacation land services & arrangements from various suppliers, but principally, from those suppliers whose only responsibility is to supply us with the services required & requested by us for the purpose of client travel arrangements. Flights, coach journeys, cruises & other travel & hotel accommodation included in your vacation itinerary are not actually provided by the Company directly, but are supplied by reputable air-carriers, cruise operators, hoteliers, ground transport companies & sightseeing operators. You should note that your vacation is subject to the terms & conditions imposed by those airlines, coach operators, hoteliers, cruise operators, & other suppliers of services, some of which limit or exclude their liability & which are often the subject of International Conventions & Treaties between countries.

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4. While the Company will use its best endeavours to operate all services as described, reasonable changes in an itinerary may be made without notice where deemed necessary or advisable by the Company. 

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The Company cannot be held responsible for any changes or increases that may occur & reserves the right to increase the price of any travel arrangements up to the date of full payment by the client. This includes adjustment for devaluation, fuel surcharges, airfare increases, land transport & hotel increases as well as international exchange rate changes. 

Any air content included in our services is based on airfares & imposed official Government taxes applicable. As airline flight ticket costs are constantly changing, it be may be necessary to impose an air surcharge at any time until flight services have been fully paid for & air tickets are issued. 

7. All monies received by the Company are deposited in its name with its bankers. It is a condition of the acceptance of your deposit in respect of our services that all monies paid to the Company whether by way of deposit or otherwise, in respect of travel arrangements may be disbursed by the Company to the Company suppliers as & when it sees fit. 

8. Receipt of a deposit will be taken as an understanding by the Company that the participant has read & agrees to abide by these terms & conditions stated.

9. These booking conditions & the supply of services herein shall be governed by & interpreted according to the laws of Argentina, & both the client & the Company irrevocably submits themselves to the jurisdiction of Argentine courts in respect of any disputes or proceedings arising out of, or relating to these booking conditions or services provided hereunder, as stated. This premise is taken as an understanding by the Company, that the traveller / client / participant has read & agrees to abide by these Terms & Conditions stated.


BOOKING YOUR VACATION: As early as possible after commencing your itinerary reservations, an invoice will be sent stating the required deposit per person payment, required & the date it is to be paid by. 

If you are working with a professional Travel Agent or Tour Wholesaler who is placing the request for travel services with Sundance Tours, they will then be sent a confirmation & advised of any mandatory deposit requirements which are to be passed to you. The final balance will be due 30 working days prior to services commencing, or immediately for bookings within that time. Ticketing & documentation will normally be issued with 14 to 10 days prior to the guest’s departure from point of origin.

AMENDMENTS: If you need to amend any arrangements after your original booking, please notify us in writing. One amendment can be made free of charge. 

Due to extra administration costs involved any further changes to the original reservations will incur a fee of not less than USD$30.00 per amendment. An amendment constitutes a change to an existing booking & not a transfer to another itinerary, wherein cancellation fees may apply.

PAYMENT OF TRAVEL SERVICES: The most uncomplicated & simple method of payment for travel services is by electronic bank to bank transaction. The deposit invoice & final balance due invoice will include detailed banking instructions for each traveller / client / participant to pass on exactly as they appear, to make simple the electronic transfer process.

In relation to foreign credit cards, while VISA & MASTERCARD can be used for payment of land services, they are not always easy to process. Therefore the credit card holder is responsible for contacting their bank or financial institution that issued the credit card, advising that a charge which is directly related to both the deposit invoice & the final balance due invoice, to avoid the possibility of payment being rejected by the Credit Card Authorisation centre.

The Company does not offer CREDIT terms of payment for any booking, no matter the source of origin, whether the booking comes direct from the client, via a professional tour wholesaler or from a professional travel agency.

By Argentine law, the Company is unable to accept foreign checks drawn on foreign banks as payment for any travel services. 

Deposits are required for ALL bookings & some suppliers – such as cruise companies & hotels & accommodation suppliers have their own conditions & regulations that are strictly enforced. Therefore failure to comply with the prior payment dates stipulated on the deposit invoice is likely to result in the component supplier cancelling the reservation without further notice.

All travel service bookings made with the Company must be paid in full, within the prescribed payment terms of the Company, by electronic transaction, or by VISA or MASTERCARD at least 30 days or more, in advance of the first services being provided.

BANK CHARGES: The Company applies to each reservation the bank fees we incur to receive a electronic payment to our bank account. This is reflected in the tax invoice for each booking. 

CREDIT CARD CHARGES: VISA & MASTERCARD both have a schedule of fees that apply to any payment made by credit card that are the sole responsibility of the credit card holder to pay & comply with.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: If you or your travel agent or tour wholesaler decides to cancel reservations made & confirmed, it is a mandatory requirement the Company is notified in writing. Monies will be refunded less the applicable cancellation fee per person, per arrangement, as a percentage of costs: 

Cancellation of services booked & confirmed greater than 90 days prior to services commencing, the deposit paid is fully refundable, however cancellation fees may apply to any airline seat allotment, or other stipulated component supplier service such as hotel room allotments where seasonal inventory demands are in effect.

Cancellation of services booked & confirmed from 89 days to 75 days prior to services commencing, the deposit paid 10% cancellation of the deposit applies, however cancellation fees may apply to any airline seat allotment, or other stipulated component supplier service such as hotel room allotments where seasonal inventory demands are in effect.

Cancellation of services booked & confirmed from 74 days to 60 days prior to services commencing, the deposit paid 25% cancellation of the deposit made applies, however cancellation fees may apply to any airline seat allotment, or other stipulated component supplier service such as hotel room allotments where seasonal inventory demands are in effect.

Cancellation of services booked & confirmed from 59 days to 45 days prior to services commencing, the deposit paid 35% cancellation of the deposit made applies, however cancellation fees may apply to any airline seat allotment, or other stipulated component supplier service such as hotel room allotments where seasonal inventory demands are in effect.

Cancellation of services booked & confirmed within 44 days to 31 days prior to arrival 50% cancellation fee of the total reservation applies, however cancellation fees may apply to any airline seat allotment, or other stipulated component supplier service such as hotel room allotments where seasonal inventory demands are in effect.

Cancellation of services booked & confirmed within 30 days prior to arrival 100% cancellation fee of the total reservation applies

The above cancellation policy is applicable for individual bookings & Groups unless other more stringent conditions for Groups have been pre-advised. Some accommodation suppliers have their own cancellation terms for deposits & final payments which are more stringent than those of the Company. 

In the case of Groups where the Company is the contractor of group airline seat blocks & hotel room allotments, the client will be advised of deposit & final payment terms & cancellation penalties.  If the invoice sent stated NON-REFUNDABLE – that is in line with the component supplier terms & conditions of carriage.

BOOKING FEES: For bookings of total gross value less than USD$500, a fee of USD$75 per person, per booking will be levied. 

For last minute bookings, made within 7 days of departure, a fee of USD$125 per booking will be levied as this is to cover dispatch of documentation.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance is not included in the price of your vacation. We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance that includes adequate cover for the duration of your overall vacation & for cancellation, trip interruption or delay, loss of luggage / personal property, medical expenses, emergency evacuation & any accidental damage. By booking, you agree that The Company  has no liability whatsoever under any circumstance for any such loss, medical situation or damage you may incur, & you accept that it is your sole responsibility to insure yourself fully. A professional Travel Agent should be able to advise you on applicable Insurance Policies available in your country of origin.

LAND ARRANGEMENTS: We endeavour to ensure that all your arrangements proceed smoothly. If you have a problem whilst on vacation, please contact the local Sundance representative office immediately to enable it to be rectified. In the unlikely event you are still dissatisfied, please contact Sundance headquarters in Buenos Aires immediately. 

Any further correspondence must be sent within 28 days of the problem occurring. We regret we cannot accept liability in relation to any customer service issue or claim that is not notified in accordance with this clause.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: If you decide to purchase any additional services whilst on vacation, any dealings must be direct with the local operator, & not with contracted guides/drivers. The Company cannot & will not accept responsibility for any additional services clients’ book with local operators or contracted staff after commencement of travel.

YOUR VACATION PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Visas, insurance, excess baggage, extra meals, laundry, any drinks, souvenirs, phone calls, fax or internet use, items of a personal nature including medication, international & domestic departure taxes, porter fees & tipping. In some South American countries, porter fees & tipping may be compulsory.

PRICING VALIDITY: Every effort has been made to compile the information accurately as at the time of quoting, but circumstances may necessitate changes in itineraries & costs, of which you will be informed as soon as possible. The Company shall not be liable for any resulting changes & reserves the right to increase the price of any travel arrangements up to the date of client’s full payment being received & lodged in the applicable bank account stated on the invoice. This includes adjustment for devaluation, fuel surcharges, airfare increases as well as international exchange rate fluctuations. 


A valid Passport is required for all clients to travel internationally & many countries require it to be valid for a period varying between 30 days & up to 6 months after your dates of travel. 

It is each passengers sole responsibility to consult by contacting the nearest EMBASSY or CONSULATE of the countries to which you are traveling to, or through on your travels, to receive the most accurate & up to date mandated regulations with which you must comply.  Some foreign nations post the regulations & requirements to enter their borders or your country requires administered for you to return home, on a Government internet website. 

The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for clients arriving to a foreign country or departing to return home from a foreign country, with an invalid passport or incorrect travel permits, visitor visas, or medical requirement documentation, or documentation required if you are traveling with a child under the age of 18 years.

MEDICAL INOCULATIONS: Some countries within the South American continent are deemed by the World Health Organization zones whereby defined medical inoculations are mandatory for Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever & other specified humanly transmitted diseases. It is the sole responsibility of the client in all instances to have checked with their point of origin travel professional & in addition, the nearest Embassy or Consular representative of the countries where they are traveling to  ensure they have the mandated medical inoculations prior to arriving & an International Medical Certificate as evidence verifying the fact.

The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for clients arriving to a foreign country or departing to return home from a foreign country, with invalid medical certification which may prevent them being allowed to enter that country, or countries.


The Company has no part whatsoever in the creation or implementation of laws pertaining to foreign sovereign nations, therefore all passengers who are visiting, holidaying within, or transiting through foreign nations have the sole responsibility themselves, to comply with & adhere to the laws that relate to every foreign nation on their itinerary.




Citizens of Australia & Canada as applies currently are required to pre-pay online, a reciprocity fee to enter Argentina. This MUST be done online in advance of arrival. Information may change therefore it is the responsibility of the traveller to review as applicable the website that can be sourced from the following internet site:

The Company  accepts no responsibility whatsoever for citizens of Australia or Canada arriving to Argentina without having pre-paid their Argentina Reciprocity fee & bringing the supporting documentation & receipt which must be printed out, that the Argentine Immigration Department provides online as a result thereof of that pre-payment having been made.