Fiords Expedition Cruise - Punta Arenas to Ushuaia

7 Days / 6 Nights

DAY 1   Arrival to PUNTA ARENAS
Upon arrival to Punta Arenas, you will be met directly outside the baggage claim & a private air-conditioned vehicle will transfer you to your confirmed hotel. Accommodation here is for one (1) night in Punta Arenas with breakfast included. 

DAY 2   PUNTA ARENAS - M/N Ventus Australis Cruise
Breakfast & dinner
After breakfast this morning you have the morning free of any organized activity, so we suggest you have a look at the Brown Menendez musuem, located 30m from the main plaza that has Ferdinand Magellan`s statue at its center. This is a colonial mansion owned originally by the Brown Menendez family who were prominent merino sheep farmers in this region.  It is original with all of the antique furnishings of the period it was built.                                                                   

Please make sure you comply with the mandated check-out time from your hotel room & be aware that anytime from 1300hrs until 1645hrs you can check in with your luggage for the cruise departure with Australis at their office, located at 990 Magallanes Street. Boarding of the cruisevessel commences at 6:00 pm & to do so, you need to be at the Punta Arenas pier were beside the main gate, there is the Australis pre-boarding briefing that commences at 1730hrs.

Once you are aboard you willbe shown to your assigned cabin. Your passort will be kept by the Purser of the vessel, then given back to you prior to disembarking.  There will be a welcome cocktail reception offered by the Captain& his crew in the aft-guest lounge & the vessel will cast off the shorelines & sail for “the uttermost part of the earth” as you are being summoned to your first gourmet dining experience in the dining room. This voyage takes you through the Strait of Magellan & the awesome Beagle Channel to explore one of the most breathtaking wilderness regions in the world: Southern Patagonia, the myriad of amazing glaciers & Tierra del Fuego.

Sleep will likely come easily this evening as you anticipate the dawn & the adventures ahead.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
At dawn, the vessel will be navigating through Almirantazgo Sound, arriving at Ainsworth Bay, which is in Alberto De Agostini National Park. From a distance coming into this fiord you will see Marinelli Glacier descending from Darwin Mountain Range, no doubt appreciating how the land comes back to life after the ice has retreated in years gon by on certain rocky prominentaries. After disembarking the cruise vessel & heading off in zodiacs with an expert expedition guide once ashore you will  take a walk to a beaver dam in the stunning sub-polar Magellan forest. On the beach, if they are in residence you might well enjoy the view of Southern Elephant Seals, although sighting cannot be guaranteed due to colony’s unpredictable location. After the shore excursion & you are back on board, the cruise vessel will sailing to Tuckers Islets while you are enjoying lunch. After lunch, again on an off-vessel expedition aboard Zodiacs, we will be sailing to get close to a colony of Magellan Penguins (endemic to the Southern Hemisphere) & Red beak cormorants. In September & April this excursion is replaced by a short walk to a nearby glacier at Brookes Bay as it is unusual for the penguins or cormorants to be in residence at those times.

Back aboard the cruise vessel, drinks are available as you wish at any time from the adt guest lounge bar & dinner will be served in the dining room starting at 7.30pm. You may dine at the time you wish.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
When you wake this morning the vessel will be navigating along the Northwest arm of the Beagle Channel to reach Pia Fjord, where disembarking is scheduled. We will take a short hike to a panoramic viewpoint from which we can appreciate the spectacular Pia Glacier whose main tongue extends from the Andean mountain tops down to the sea. The expedition guides will mount an off-vessel recce & you can takea  walk on the rocky landing point, mere meters from the terminal face of this majestic river of ice. After this unforgettable experience, the cruise vesel sails  along the Beagle Channel, & in a short 90minute time span, passes through the majestic “Glacier Alley” with it`s seven huge rivers of ice that commence at the Andes maindivide & each one terminates in the ocean. These glaciers were names after countries in Europe; there`s the German Glacier, French Glacier, Italian Glacier & Spanish Glacier to name but four of them.  A brilliant sight that will live on in your memory undoubtedly for a lifetime.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner
When you wake this morning , the vessel will be sailing through Murray Channel & Nassau Bay to reach Cape Horn National Park, where (weather permitting) all guests can disembark in the zodiacs for a shore landing at Cape Horn.

The mythical Cape Horn was discovered in 1616 & is a sheer 425 meter (1,394-foot) high rocky promontory. For many years it was an important but perilous navigation route for sailboats to circumnavigate between the Pacific & Atlantic oceans & it is still referred to as the “End of the Earth”.  The National Park was declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 2005.  Ashore, you will have to climb the staircase up to the grassland & from there, to the southern-most Post Office ion our planet, manned by a man, his wife & teenage daughter, the only inhabitants of this Chilean administered territory.  There is also a monument a few hundred yards away that makes for a wonderful photo opportunity.

Back on the cruise vessel & after lunch, in the afternoon, a shore excursion by zodiac will be staged at historical Wulaia Bay, originally the site of one of the region’s largest Yamana aboriginal settlement. Charles Darwin landed there in 1833, during his voyage on the HMS Beagle. This area is also renowned for the mesmerizing beauty of its vegetation & topography. Walk through a Magellan forest of lengas, coigües, canelos, ferns & other endemic vegetation following a gurgling stream, to reach a panoramic viewpoint.

Back aboard the cruise vessel, change out of your expedition gear into casual attire, head to the aft guest lounge to engage in pre-dinner drinks, which will be followed by dinner in the dining room from 7.30pm onwards. This evening in the aft guest lounge, an `auction` of the cruise vessels navigation chart takes place. This is always a lively affair as it is a sensataional souvenir for the lucky highest bidder.

This morning when you wake the cruise vessel will be tied up alongside Ushuaia wharf. Ushuaia is Argentina’s most important southern port, located on the island of Tierra del Fuego. It is also the southern-most city in the world. Disembarking is scheduled after breakfast from 8:00 a.m.

You will be met at the public entrance to the wharf & by air-conditioned transfer vehicle, conveyed to your Ushuaia hotel. Check in there for a one (1) night stay, B&B basis.  From late November until the middle of March, daylight in this southern region is much extended from that of (say) Buenos Aires. The sun rises by 0500hrs or earlier & sets after 9.30pm & in January, not until 11.30pm, so there are hours of daylight to explore at your own pace, your new surrioundings. Ushuaia is famous for its seafood reatuarants & King Crab tops the list of much sought after delicacies.

DAY 7   USHUAIA - departure
This morning after breakfast it is time to pack the luggage & check out of your hotel, as a private air-conditioned vehicle is scheduled to pick you up at a pre-arranged time that you will have been notified of, to transfer you to Ushuaia airport.  Here check in for a flight to your next destination.
This brings to a conclusion the services of Sundance Spirit.


Punta Arenas - Cabo de Hornos (4*)
Cruise -
M/N Ventus  Australis
Ushuaia -
Alto Andino (4*)

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