Chile is made up of a long, thin strip of land which runs from a northern border with Peru on the 18th parallel, all the way to its southern tip on the 56th parallel.

Its backbone is the towering & ever dominating Andes mountains which are considered tertiary in geological make-up.

While the northern coast experiences a mild climate, the short fertile coastal plains & north westerly facing valleys rich in alluvial soils, provide for excellent wine growing regions.

Down south however, extremes of cold & frigid winter temperatures come as a result of the prevailing westerly wind flow off the expanses of the South Pacific & the Antarctic Oceans which renletlessly pound the coastline.

The power & impressions forged by mother nature make this an awesome area for nature lovers & photographers. This is the region termed Patagonia by the daring mariners of days gone by who trusted their flimsy wooden ships to the wilds of the Straits of Magellan & the passing from Pacific to Atlantic oceans.

The Lakes region offers the outdoor enthusiast a wide range of pursuits amongst which the fishing, albeit a short season, is rated as some of the worlds' finest for species of Salmon & trout.

Chilean Patagonia is home to thousands upon thousands of untouched hectares of wilderness abounding in animal, bird & plant life. Here lies a landscape dotted with lakes, volcanic peaks, pine forest & waterfalls.

The scenic route from Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas, Chile to San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina, is arguably one of the most spectacular alpine crossings to be found, operating year round in either direction.

Chile has its sophisticated side, inherited from the Spanish Conquestadores who set up a colonial presence in the early 1500's. The metropolitan capital city is Santiago. A city of some 5 million inhabitants snuggled up against the Andes at the end of a fertile valley it has the blend of ancient historical past & the new. Settled by the Spanish in 1541, Santiago has a host of impressive public buildings, 19th century mansions for past gentry & a number of well frequented art galleries & museums. The city is adorned with many good restaurants & cafes & amongst those to be recommended you will find plenty in the suburb of Providencia, no more than 15 minutes from the city center.

Santiago is the main gateway into Chile with a new, modern international airport & direct nonstop flights from Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Lima, Miami, Los Angeles, London & other major world cities. It is an easy city to get around with a wonderfully efficient subway system.
History & colour abound & we suggest you indulge in the local wines, the excellent seafoods, fresh fruits & vegetables & the culture, brought to the fore in the many sidewalk cafes & moderately priced restaurants.

Take time out for a vacation experience in Chile. You'll be amazed at the hidden gems you will discover in doing so.

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